Stop Repossession

Being repossessed is one of the worst nightmares a home owner can face. Your home can be taken away and sold by complete strangers for considerable less then it is worth. Worse still, even if you have equity, you could still end up owing the lender more money once your home has been sold because of the extra fees that are piled on by the lender, the auction company and the bailiffs. You may end up having to move house, move your children to a new school and still end up on a credit black list, so you can’t get another mortgage.

It is never too late to stop a repossession. At Kent Homebuyers we specialise in stopping repossessions, so wherever you are in the repossession process call us today on 0800 542 2430 or simply fill in the “Get a Quote” form and we will get one of our friendly repossession experts to contact you within 24 hours.

For a free, personalised, no obligation quote for your property simply fill in the “Get a Quote” form or contact us on Freephone 0800 542 2430.

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